Königsee, Bayern

Hello, I’m Political Animal. You may remember me from such blogposts as the dull one about traffic lights, the ranty one about Boris Johnson, or the one with the pretty maps. Whilst my political blogging has taken a bit of a hiatus recently for various reasons, I wanted to set up this site as a sort of personal travel journal. Mainly for my own benefit, but may be a few others might find it interesting. I’m a fan of travelling (preferably by rail or sea) to well-trodden or lesser-known places and finding the little details that make somewhere unique. It’ll take a while to build up an archive of stuff here, but what there is will be linked in the bar at the top of the page or under ‘My Journeys’ at right. I occassionally tweet my trips here, though it’s mainly burbling about the day job, or I can be contacted at politicalanimal1@hotmail.com.

Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park, India

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